Digital Productivity

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“Increasing productivity is ultimately what determines the living standards of people, the competitive advantage of organizations and the wealth of nations."
– Erik Brynjolfsson, Director of the Center for eBusiness, MIT

Researchers at MIT are working to develop a deeper understanding of how to measure and improve the productivity of enterprises in the digital economy. There are several programs supporting these researchers, including the Digital Productivity Special Interest Group of the Center for eBusiness at MIT, and the Information Work Productivity Council, an industry-based group.

The Digital Productivity Special Interest Group is one of five Special Interest Groups (SIGs) at MIT’s Center for eBusiness. To learn more about the Digital Productivity SIG, visit the MIT Center for eBusiness web site or contact David Verrill at

The Information Work Productivity Council is an industry-sponsored research group. To learn more, visit the IWPC web site or, contact Susan Conway at